Somos uma clínica multiprofissional fundada em 2015 com o propósito de atender várias áreas da saúde. Atualmente contamos com profissionais médicos especialistas em

Alergia, Clínica Geral, Dermatologia, Endocrinologia, Geriatria, Pediatria, Pneumologia,

e também Psicólogo.  Os serviços de atendimento da Allergo abrangem todas as faixas etárias, da primeira idade a idosos, a partir de abordagens modernas e atualizadas.

de alergicos

Exame de



Aceitamos vários  planos de sáude


Seg-Sex: 8h - 18h

Sábado: 8h - 12h



Dra. Gabriela Dourado



Graduada em medicina.
Residência médica em pediatria pelo HRC-DF. Residência médica em alergia e imunologia - área de atuação em alergia e imunologia pediátrica pelo HMIB-DF.
Título de especialista em alergia e imunologia pediátrica pela Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria.

Dra. Maryana Beltrão


WhatsApp Image 2020-01-20 at

Graduação em medicina pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Goiás. Especialista em pediatria pelo Hospital Infantil Cândido Fontoura São Paulo.

Dr. Ramiro Dourado



Graduação em medicina pelas Faculdades Integradas da União Educacional do Planalto Central com residência/especialização em medicina interna/clínica médica. Especialização em Pneumologia pelo HC/UFG.

Conheça os profissionais de saúde e especialidades.

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Dra. Thaisa Sócrates



Graduação em Medicina pela PUC Goiás. Residência em pediatria pelo Hospital Municipal Infantil Menino Jesus de São Paulo.

Titulo de Pediatria pela Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria

Dra. Vanessa Maria



Graduação em medicina pela Universidade Federal de Goiás.  Residência Médica em Pediatria pelo Hospital Materno Infantil de Goiânia.

Dra. Flávia Bueno


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Graduação em medicina pelas Faculdades Integradas da União Educacional do Planalto Central com residência/especialização em Geriatria pela Secretaria do Estado de Saúde de Goiás - Hospital de Urgências de Goiânia.

Dra. Juliana Nóbrega


Graduação em medicina pela Universidade Federal de Goiás.
Residência médica em dermatologia pelo Hospital Estadual de Doenças Tropicais Dr. Anuar Auad.
Associada da Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia.

Dr. Guilherme Borges



Médico pela Universidade Federal de Goiás
Clínica Médica pelo Hospital

das Clínicas - UFG
Endocrinologia pelo Hospital

das Clínicas - UFG

Dra. Michelle Queiroz



Especialista em Análise Clínica Comportamental.
Atendimento Clínico Individual.
Psicoterapia fundamentada em abordagem clínica comportamental e práticas do EMDR.



Policies & Logistics

How far in advance do I need to book services?

For all visits, we ask that you let us know as far in advance as you can to secure the dates and times you need. Holidays, in particular, fill up months in advance. You are welcome to make last minute requests, but availability is not guaranteed. Please note that we do have a last-minute booking fee. Learn more about our rates and fees here.

Can I have the same pet sitter every time?

Joyful Pets and Homes typically works as a team on bookings. This means that one sitter does not get assigned to one client. This works out great for everyone because if your pet is used to only one sitter, but your sitter happens to be sick or out of town, your pet will be then be familar with his whole pet sitting team and won't be surprised to see a new face! Our whole team will be aware of all of your pet's updates, preferences, and routines. :)

How many updates can I expect from my pet sitter, house sitter, or dog walker?

Every visit will also include an update, which typically includes a photo along with a description about how your visit went, so you can stay in the loop with your pets and home while you're away. If there are any minor concerns during a home watch visit, you will get additional notes and photos with the update. If we notice anything during our daily visual health pet assessments, we will take a photo and contact you about it. Note: If you know your pets have any new or existing booboos or lumps and bumps, please let us know before we begin caring for them, so we know they are not brand-new spots.

What happens to our visits and walks in inclement weather?

Rain or shine, sleet, or snow, we do our best to be there. However, safety is our priority. We encourage our team members to use their best judgement and drive only if it is safe. Once we arrive to your home, we will not walk if there is a torrential downpour, hail, or dangerous lightning. We do not want to put your dog or our walkers at risk. We also must take into consideration how your dog feels about walking in the rain. Some love it while others would rather stay indoors. If we are scheduled for a walk and the weather is not well suited for walking, we go outside for as long as possible and encourage your pets to “go potty.” Then we utilize indoor enrichment activities like snuffle mats and puzzle toys for the remainder of the time. Please let us know where we can find a towel to dry off your dog(s) after rainy weather. If you plan to be home while we have our scheduled visits and desire a different rainy-day plan, speak to management about customization options.

Can I book/change appointments directly with my sitter?

All bookings (including new bookings, changes, or cancellation requests) must be completed through your online portal. This allows us to have the most up-to-date information and ensures nothing goes missed. Please note that all booking requests, changes, or cancellations are requests and you will receive a separate notification once your booking, change, or cancellation is confirmed.

What if there is an emergency and my pet requires medical attention?

If a pet is sick or injured, you will be called immediately. If you are unavailable, your emergency contacts will be called. We ask that you leave a letter giving us permission to bring your pet(s) to the vet in case of an emergency. If your preferred vet allows, please leave your credit card number and your preferred dollar limit on file with your vet. In the event of pet illness or injury when your specified vet is unavailable, the pet will be taken to the closest vet or emergency care animal clinic. If we are overnighting with your pet(s), you will be charged the current IRS standard mileage rate only. If an incident occurs during a walk, Potty ‘N’ Play visit, or a cat drop-in, you will be charged for the mileage plus the time of service at its hourly rate from beginning to end.

Do you charge extra for holidays?

Yes, an additional fee of $8 per visit will be added to each holiday drop-in visit and a $25 additional fee will be added for each holiday overnight. These fees apply for the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day*, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween*, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

* The holiday fee for drop-in visits on Valentine’s Day and Halloween applies only to visits that start at 2 p.m. or later. Cancellation fees change for holidays as well. See our cancellation policy for details.

What is your cancellation policy?

We hate to turn away clients if we are fully booked, but from time to time this does occur. Spaces are limited and we begin turning down other requests for the same time and date of your booking, which means our cancellation policy allows us to serve you in the most efficient & effective manner possible. We'd also like to keep our wonderful team around long-term, so we make sure they are paid for scheduled services that are cancelled on short notice. See our full cancellation policy below: Overnight Cancellation Policy: Overnight/Vacation Pet Sitting - With 14 days’ notice or less, 50% payment due. With 7 days’ notice or less, FULL payment is due. Holiday Overnight Cancellation Policy (bookings that include a holiday) - Clients with holiday bookings must give 30 full days’ notice of cancellation or else 50% is due. For cancellations made between 45 and 31 days out, 25% is due. Within 14 days, FULL payment is due. Drop-In Visit Cancellation Policy: This includes dog walks, potty 'n' plays, cat visits, pet sitting visits, and home watch visits. For any visit cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice from the start of the visit, an $8 per visit cancellation fee will apply. For any visit cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice from the start of the visit, full payment is required. Holiday Drop-In Visit Cancellations - For any visit cancelled with less than 96 hours’ notice (4 days) from the start of the visit, an $8 per visit cancellation fee will apply. For any visit cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice from the start of the visit, full payment is required. Notes: Part of our booking process is a 5% booking deposit (this goes toward your final bill) to secure your date and time; this amount is nonrefundable. Exceptions to the cancellation and booking policies may be made in case of illness or emergency at the discretion of management.


Can I drop my pets off at your home?

We currently do not offer boarding. We offer pet sitting services that allow pets to stay in their own home while you are away. Our business plan is to incorporate boarding in the future. Stay connected to receive our updates about boarding!

What length of visits should I book?

This depends on many factors like breed, energy level, age of pet(s), and number of pets in your home. If after reading about our services you would like some help choosing the length of visit, we can help you decide how long you should book for pet sitting and/or dog walking.

What is a meet & greet?

A meet & greet is the opportunity for your professional pet sitter to get acquainted with you and your pet and go over vital details of caring for your pet while you are away. This complimentary visit takes approximately 30 minutes. If longer visits or more meetings are desired, these can be requested for an additional fee.

Are there are any leashes or other equipment you won't work with?

We ask that clients do not provide retractable leashes as they are unreliable and often get jammed and tangled. This can make dog walks dangerous. If no other leashes are provided, Joyful Pets and Homes will provide an alternate leash for an added fee. We prefer not to use choke, shock, prong, or bark collars. If a client uses these under the care and instruction of a veterinarian and dog trainer, we require the client to instruct us on the safe use of each piece of equipment. The Joyful Pets and Homes team will use a shock collar only on the vibration setting. For more details on this, please contact us.

Do you accomodate last-minute requests?

We strive to accommodate last-minute requests as best we can; however, our pet sitters’ schedules book up way in advance, so we cannot guarantee availability. We do charge a last-minute request fee to compensate sitters for rearranging their schedules. Please review our services and fees here.

Can you administer medications?

Yes. We can administer oral medications, creams, and ointments. We also have experience administering pet medication with aerosol chambers and inhalers. You do need to request a sitter that is comfortable with insulin injections. We require you to leave thorough instructions both at your home with the medications clearly labeled and uploaded with photos in your client portal. Clients must make sure that medications are recently refilled with quantities to last throughout sitters/walkers services.

How many visits a day do I need for my pets?

You must decide what is right for you and your pets. Most people request 3-4 visits each day for healthy, adult dogs. It depends on your pet’s needs and your comfort level. We require a minimum of one visit per day for cats. We are happy to help you decide on the number of visits best suited for your pets.

What happens if I arrive home early from my trip?

Early arrival times home from vacations will be treated as cancellations. If your arrival time is changing, alert management and your pet sitter at your earliest convenience. If applicable, please request to cancel any scheduled service you no longer need through your client portal.

Priorix trivalente

Indicada para a prevenção de sarampo, caxumba, rubéola e varicela (catapora) em indivíduos a partir de 12 meses de idade.


Indicada para a vacinação de reforço contra difteria, tétano e coqueluche em indivíduos a partir de 4 anos de idade.

Refortrix IPV

indicada para vacinação de reforço contra difteria, tétano, pertussis e poliomielite em indivíduos a partir de 3 anos de idade, após esquema de imunização primária.


Previne a doença diarreica causada por rotavírus


A vacina da varicela (catapora) está indicada para todas as crianças saudáveis entre 12 meses e 12 anos de idade, em dose única de 0,5 ml, com um reforço aos 4 anos de idade.


Aceitamos os seguintes planos de saúde